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Let’s talk about collaboration

One of our core values is COLLABORATION; we believe that working together makes things work better.

So, we’ve invited a bunch of the most amazing Gen Z experts we know to contribute regularly to this project. This team of humble experts are proud to abundantly share their wisdom to bring you the best content we could possibly imagine.

Read all about our Collective below and make sure you click for more info and book them to share their unmatched expertise with your team.



This world needs more collaboration - that’s why we’re wild about turning managers & influencers into Gen Z experts - to better understand each other and work better together.

Let’s make a difference together



Alex Street


Alex has been a youth worker for almost two decades. As a Youth Pastor, Young Adult Researcher, and Leadership Facilitator, his passion for this next generation has only grown the more he learns about them and works with them. He loves their ability to take risks and dream of a different future.

Currently, Alex is a Career Coach, the host of the Made For This podcast, and is living his dream as an actor in Toronto.

He is the Founder of Gen Z Matters, a Gen Z Specialist, and is raising a few Gen Zs at home with his wife Karen.

Ivanna Robert


Ivanna [ee-vaw-nah] has worked with youth for 10 years. She is a certified teacher, picture book author, and a recent ministry school graduate. She has worked with youth within the classroom, within the church and within her home.

Ivanna loves that Gen Z care for more than just themselves and are people of action. They live knowing that their actions matter.

Along with being a part of Gen Z Matters, Ivanna is teaching English and living in Stouffville, Ontario with her incredible husband, Evan.

Patrick Raymer


Patrick has been working with Generation Z for the just over 10 years as a camp counsellor and youth group volunteer. He has developed an unquenchable desire to see Gen Z grow and achieve their goals. He is motivated to see how far their potential really goes and where they can take the next steps to creating an amazing future.

Currently, Patrick is working for an agricultural company as a Sr. Account manager providing people in North America with fresh Sweet Corn all year round, and is an active participant of any sport you can think of.

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