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“How to Work With Gen Z

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From recruiting to retention to return-on-investment;

this generation is different in the workplace.

By the year 2029 Gen Z will make up for over 40% of the workforce, we need to know how to create the culture Gen Z wants to be a part of, so we can continue to thrive in this multi-generational workplace.

  • In this workshop we’ll talk about the problem we all share, asking, “Who is Gen Z and how do we work with them?”

  • We’ll dig into the expectations and experiences of Gen Z as they enter the workforce. How are they different from Millennials, Xers, and Boomers?

  • Giving you 5 strategies to work with Gen Z, and immediate tactical solutions you can implement in your organization, you’ll walk away feeling well-equipped.

  • Whatever role you’re in - from Intern to CEO - all ages and stages will resonate with the strategies & solutions in this workshop. The expectations of Gen Z are really the expectations of all people in each generation in the workplace.

I can’t ignore this any longer. I have to do something about what I’ve learned about Gen Z today.
— "How to Work With Gen Z" Workshop Attendee
Gen Z Matters Workshop
Gen Z Matters Workshop
Gen Z Matters Workshop


Alex Street speaking about Gen Z at a Municipal Event.


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