Gen Z Matters

About Gen Z Matters

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We are a consulting resource

helping managers and influencers understand Gen Z

so that, your multi-generational organization can thrive together

Most managers have a hard time understanding the next generation, Gen Z.

You are frustrated,

wasting energy trying to learn how they think and work.

Because of the Generational differences, you are unable to do what you do best, and focus on moving the organization forward.

We offer an experiential learning workshop that will teach you how to:

attract young talent,

reduce employee turnover rate,

and work alongside them,

so you can all focus on what matters most to the organization.


Learn how to work with Generation Z


 We value opportunities to Advocate, Educate, and Collaborate.



We cheer this generation on with joy and positivity; we will speak on their behalf, lifting their voices up instead of ours whenever possible. 


We see a radically different, more connected and peaceful future with this generation leading the way; we will learn about this generation and pass that knowledge & understanding on to others.


We abundantly share our expertise and gifts with each other and with our clients; we will empower the next generation to help craft a better future together.